We are your industrial and technological
partner in the energy revolution

Navantia Seanergies is the division created by Navantia to project its expe rience, industrial skills and capacity for innovation in developing products and services in the green energy sector, such as offshore wind power and hydrogen.

Navantia Seanergies, as an industrial ally in the energy revolution, provides:

  • Experience in large-scale international projects developing offshore wind farms.
  • A wide-ranging portfolio of offshore wind products, including substations, mono piles, jackets, and floating platforms.
  • Production plants in Spain and France with direct access to the sea and the capacity to build large-scale components.
  • Flexibility in production location.
  • Investments in infrastructure and R&D in products, services and processes.
  • Next-generation industrial robotics capacities.
  • Strong associative links, with top-level partners

With over two million square metres available for this business, Navantia can develop the following products each year with its own resources and its own consolidated specialist supply chain:

  • 3 substations
  • 100 jackets
  • 40 floating platforms
  • 50 monopiles
  • 100 flanges and other large components

Navantia Seanergies was conceived to contribute to driving projects which transform how power is generated, the decarbonisation of maritime transport, and more sustainable development for our planet.

Navantia Seanergies represents Navantia’s solid commitment to developing this new energy model and to contributing to society as a driver of economic and industrial development and innovation, in Spain and internationally



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