What is an aircraft carrier / amphibian

The largest type of military ship designed and built by Navantia is a key platform to expand armies activities (both land and air as Navy) to international scenarios and very different missions.

Thanks to its troops and equipment great transport capacity and to its versatility to operate with very diverse aerial means and fast landing crafts, the ship can be used for four major missions:

  • Amphibious operations: projection of units from the sea
  • Aircraft carrier: projection and operation of aerial means
  • Strategic projection: transport and logistic support of troops
  • Humanitarian action: emergency action in case of natural disaster

Navantia has built ship Juan Carlos I for the Spanish Navy and ships Adelaida and Canberra for the Australian Navy. Currently, a new vessel of this type is under construction for the Turkish Navy at a local shipyard.

Additionally, Navantia designed and built 14 LCM1 landing craft for the Spanish Navy and another 12 for the Australian Navy.



LHD "Juan Carlos I"

LHD "Juan Carlos I" (L61), Ship Insignia of the Spanish Navy.

ALHD for the Australian Navy

27,000 tons in 90 seconds; time lapse of the construction of the 'Adelaide' ALHD for the Royal Australian Navy.

Launching ALHD Adelaide

Launching of the 'Adelaide' ALHD for the Royal Australian Navy in Navantia-Ferrol.

Sequence of the loading maneuver of the ALHD "Canberra" (RAN)

Complete loading maneuver of the LHD "Canberra" (Royal Australian Navy) on the heavy cargo ship "Blue Marlin" for its transport from Spain to Australia.

NAVANTIA San Fernando. 2/2 Tests of sea launch LLC for Australian Navy

Spectacular aerial views of the sea trials of the last boat built at the San Fernando Shipyard for the Royal Australian Navy. Boats destined to operate in the ALHD "Canberra" and "Adelaide".