Commitment to innovation as a lever of change

Navantia is a highly technological company that invests more than 9% of the annual income in R&D+I, well ahead of other industrial sectors average. This allows Navantia to have its own technological capacity, a key factor to produce efficient, competitive and exportable products and services as well as to continuously improve its processes and facilities.

To keep the level of investment in R&D+I, Navantia works together with national and international partners and technologists, and relies on collaborative agreements with leading universities and technology centers in Spain. In this framework, 4 chairs have been established with universities in Madrid, Cartagena, Cádiz and A Coruña (José Romero Landa, Isaac Peral José Patiño Rosales and Cosme Álvarez de los Ríos respectively). Furthermore, given its nature of international company, Navantia holds agreements with universities and technology centers in Australia and other countries, and also collaborates with reference sectoral agencies in several countries.