Navantia offers its printing resources 3D to fight coronavirus


Navantia has put its resources and manufacturing experience additive (printing in three dimensions) available to public administrations to join forces and support needs in combating the pandemic coronavirus (Covid-19).

Through the Centre of Excellence Additive Manufacturing of Navantia (Cefan), located in the Puerto Real Shipyard, and together University researchers Cadiz (Innanomat Group) and other collaborators, Navantia is contacting authorities health and forces and State law security forces to achieve coordination effectively that allows help gets where it’s needed.

This new manufacturing method 3D began in 2016, together with the University Cadiz (UCA). With this Puerto shipyard Real has already marked a milestone in manufacturing for the first time for a boat under construction a piece with that technique, as it was a ventilation grille installed in the first of the four oil tankers who built Navantia for the shipowner Ibaizábal. These manufacturing techniques additive allow to produce parts from three-dimensional models in digital format. The teams are materializing layer-to-layer digital information supplied by the model Digital.

Regarding other techniques conventional manufacturing, additive manufacturing “brings enormous freedom and flexibility in design and production, saving reducing costs and buy time The public company belonging to Society group State Industrial Participations (SEPI), which depends Ministry of Finance, and adds to the multiple initiatives that are emerging during these days at the business level in the field of manufacturing additive, in order to show their “solidarity and commitment “in the fight against the epidemic coronavirus.