Navantia floats the first Suezmax in Puerto Real


Navantia has floated at Puerto Real facilities, the first Suezmax for Ibaizábal Group, under the name of “Monte Udala”. It is a very important milestone for Navantia, as it is the first oil tanker built in Navantia after 20 years.

Inmediateley after the floating operation, the first blocks for the second unit have been assembled at the dry dock. As well, the workshops are working intensely in order to give continuity to the production chain.

 “Monte Udala” is the first oil tanker ofa series of four that were contracted in july 2015 from Ibaizábal Group. The Construction of each unit means 725,000 hours of workforce, translated to aprox 2,000 jobs in the Bay of Cadiz.

The ship will be incorporated to the CEPSA fleet under “time charter”, as part of its fleet renovation program, and is provided by the most advanced improvements, in energy efficiency and safety load transport.

Main characteristics of Suezmax

These type of ships are called Suezmax, because their dimenssions allow them to sail through Suez Channel.

Dead weight: 156,000 tons

Length overall: 274 metres

Width: 48 metres

Steel used: 20,.144 tons