Navantia and Spanish Trade Unions have reached an agreement for measures implementation based on Government Royal Decree


Given the nationwide state of alarm declared by the Government of Spain will continue until April 12, and the approval of Royal Decree 10/2020 of March 29, the Company Management and the Spanish Trade Unions have reached the following agreement:

  • The approval of a recoverable paid leave, mandatory and limited in time between March 30 and April 9, (both included), for all those employees who do not currently carry out any on-site activity. The Emergency Committees will monitor the minimum services required to continue the minimum essential activity in the work centers, in accordance with the provisions of Royal Decree-Law 10/20.
  • Employees on a temporary incapacity leave or whose contract is suspended for other legally established causes, (maternity, paternity), people on the company employment regulation order ERE 20/2019, as well as the workforce who can continue carrying out on remote its activity as is usual, will not be affected by this measure.

The recovery of the working hours not performed by the employee during this paid leave will be effective from the first day following the end of the State of Alarm until December 31, 2020.

Both the Company Management and the Workers’ Representatives share the common concern that the current situation caused by this health, social and economic crisis is exceptional, unprecedented and unable to continue with the normal production activity.

In this context of global pandemic, Navantia’s fundamental priority is to preserve the health and safety of the entire workforce and to contain the spread of the COVID-19, by implementing measures in compliance with the recommendations of the competent authorities. Likewise, Navantia considers essential to ensure its economic sustainability and the employment, to maintain the operability of strategic capacities and the customers and partners collaboration. The focus on these challenges will facilitate the recovery of the productive activity in all workplaces as soon as the health conditions improve.

Once the situation returns to normal, all activities will resume progressively in compliance with health authorities’ recommendations and by implementing the necessary mitigation plans to minimize the impact that this unforeseen situation is causing.

Navantia, in close collaboration with the government and regional authorities and with European institutions, continues to actively contribute to the collective effort making available all its means and facilities in order to help overcoming this COVID 19 crisis in our society.