NAVANTIA and INDRA will modernize an Indonesian Navy corvette for 18 million dollars


The consortium made up of Indra and Navantia has been awarded a contract to update the combat system of the Indonesian navy’s KRI-362 Malahayati corvette, in a contract worth 18 million dollars, or some 15.7 million euros, with the shipbuilder PT PAL.

The two companies will partner to equip the Indonesian Navy with the latest electronic technology used by the Spanish Navy.

The project comes as part of the mid-life modernization (MLM) program for this Fatahillah-class corvette, which was entrusted to the Military shipbuilder PT PAL.

Modernization of the combat system includes renovation of sensors and fire control systems, integrating these via a modern combat management system.

The contract represents fresh deployment of some of the most advanced systems offered by the companies to the naval sector, including Indra’s ESM RIGEL electronic defense and DORNA fire control platforms, as well as Navantia’s combat management system, thus strengthening their standing in the international market.

The partnership on this initiative with Indonesia’s leading military shipbuilder will also pave the way to new prospects going forward.

As part of the project Indra and Navantia have established a business model that sees the two companies join forces in their key specialist areas.

The companies are also partnering on a number of programs to develop the Spanish Navy’s future F110 frigate, as well as other opportunities in the export market.