Navantia adapts its activity to COVID-19 crisis situation by implementing exceptional measures for a limited period of time, starting on Monday the 16th of March 2020


As a result of the coronavirus outbreak (Covid-19), the following WHO (World Health Organization) declaration of global pandemic and having decreed the state of alarm by the Spanish Government that restrains the freedom of movement and group contact and gathering, and in order to preserve our employees, collaborators and client’s health, Navantia has decided to implement a series of measures, highlighting the following ones:

  • Adapt NAVANTIA’S activity to the health and institutional authorities instructions by implementing exceptional measures for a limited period of time, in order to protect the workforce health and safety, as well as mitigating the sanitary, social and economic impact. National and international travel has been banned, except in exceptional circumstances.
  • Maintain the activity of all operations that do not require physical presence by using all available computing and IT resources, and remote communication and online options that have been extended for coordination meetings.
  • Set up a Central Emergency Committee that should follow-up all of the measures that they may approve and also to coordinate each Emergency Committee at every single work center.
  • Set up an Emergency Committee at all work centers composed by their managers and worker’s representatives that shall meet on a daily basis in order to monitor the situation and the implementation of the contingency plans.

Therefore, starting Monday the 16th of March, presence in the workplace will be limited only to workers associated with activities considered essential or core, and will subsequently be expanded in accordance with the recommendations of the health authorities.

These measures are intended to preserve the health and safety of the entire workforce and of our collaborators, appealing to everyone’s responsibility so that it has the least impact on public health and the company’s activity.

This measure area being communicated to the workforce of all work centers in the Spanish territory, collaborating industries and clients.

Once the situation is normalized, activities will resume immediately in order to ensure the compliance with all programs.