• Navantia Seanergies organizes an Industry Day to involve auxiliary companies in the offshore wind project inviting them to reinforce their capacities with investment in technology and training.

Navantia Seanergies, Navantia’s Green Energy division, has convened the Spanish industrial sector to involve it in the offshore wind energy business and begin to take steps to strengthen Spain’s industrial offer to become a benchmark in this sector, which expects strong demand in both the Spanish and international markets.

On Thursday 2 February, the company brought together representatives from some 250 companies from different industrial areas at an event held in Madrid entitled “Industrial collaboration as a response to the challenge of offshore wind” to explain in detail the magnitude of demand and encourage the sector to take on the challenge of making Spain a key player in the sector.

The meeting was attended by the President of Navantia, who stated that “Navantia Seanergies is the player that can drive and make a whole business ecosystem participate in this market”.

The director of Navantia Seanergies, Javier Herrador, called on the companies to collaborate to successfully respond to the demand with “Knowledge, capacity, commitment and collaboration”. “We form a great team, and we have the synergies that will make it possible for us to become a leading country in offshore wind”, he said.

The role of Navantia Seanergies will be to promote and help companies not only from an industrial but also technological point of view, through the Green Energy Centre of Excellence that Navantia Seanergies is setting up to promote open innovation in its three facilities: Fene (A Coruña), Puerto Real (Cádiz) and Cartagena.

To date, Navantia Seanergies is the only European manufacturer of jackets (fixed foundations), has begun to produce its first XXL monopiles in collaboration with Windar, has built three offshore substations and has manufactured 11 of the 13 floating foundations that exist in the world. Abel Méndez stressed that floating wind energy is the technology of the future to make it possible to install wind farms in deep waters.

The management team of Navantia Seanergies explained to the companies the capabilities and specializations that will be necessary to respond to a challenge that will involve the collaboration of engineering companies, manufacturers, ports, large companies, and SMEs with different specialties to respond to the needs of production, technology and training.

Navantia Seanergies, which currently has contracts for wind farms in Europe and the United States and numerous capacity reserves, is convinced that Spain can become an offshore wind hub, a platform that will be an international benchmark for capabilities and talent, allowing us to lead the global market and provide a reliable and lasting response.