Mid-Life Upgrades
during operating life

One of the services offered by Navantia are Mid-Life Upgrades (MLU) for existing submarines; these are increasingly required by Navies since they cost much less than purchasing a new submarine.

Navantia places all its experience at the service of its clients, when it comes to making these types of upgrades, not only at its own facilities but also at the clients’ facilities, by implementing a technology transfer programme.

As Navantia is a construction company that integrates and systemizes with firmly established experience, it can provide this service comprehensively, leading the programme management, the engineering and the on-board activities. Navantia offers its clients this upgrading in customised form, invariably adapting to their needs, interests and circumstances in each particular case.

The following factors must be taken into account when defining the scope of each upgrading programme:

  • The client’s needs
  • The current state of the on-board equipment and systems (an inspection of the vessel may be required)
  • Deadline and budget requirements
  • Feasibility analysis for the proposed upgrades



Programme phases

update submarine