Supplying and Integrating

Navantia has great experience in designing submarines and in incorporating its own systems or those of others.

Adapting systems so they can be incorporated into submarines needs a high level of personalisation that requires transversal skills and knowledge. Vertical integration of complex solutions for submarines into Navantia’s supply chain, enables us to offer these systems to our clients, so they can be incorporated as turnkey solutions into other designs.

The best example of these capacities is the air-independent propulsion system (AIP) BEST@, developed by Navantia in association with Abengoa and Collins Aerospace. It is an independent solution that can be incorporated into other submarine designs, providing great potential when it comes to improving the performance of conventional models.

Navantia offers the possibility of incorporating other militarised solutions of its own, in association or under licence, so they can be integrated into submarines, such as the Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS), communication system, combat system or propulsion system. Among many other possibilities, this also includes external systems such as the simulators for training (part of the NAVANTIS system).