Building a future in Navantia

Boosting people

Navantia strives for employees to develop the skills and competencies needed to face new challenges. For this reason, it has professional development, training and knowledge transfer projects with the aim of boosting the growth of its employees, boosting their career and offering them new knowledge and greater challenges.

Every year Navantia launches a Training Plan in technical and transversal competences, investing more than € 5M of total cost for the development of more than 150,000 hours of training.

In addition, Navantia promotes the internal mobility of its professionals as an opportunity for growth and development in the company. The objective is that workers are motivated and want to face new challenges, advancing in those fields that already dominate and reaching new goals with a greater vision of the company.

Strengthening business commitment

Navantia works actively to maintain the commitment and involvement of the people who are part of the company. To do this, it involves them in different initiatives such as Breakfasts with Management, the IDEAS contest to sponsor new projects devised by workers, mentoring and reverse mentoring programs, open days, …

The objective of Navantia is that all employees feel integrated and identified with the company and become its best ambassadors.

Supporting future professionals

Because not only the training of direct employees is important for Navantia, since the company is committed to the implementation of training practices that improve the employability of young people, offers them the possibility of being part of the working world and provides them with knowledge and skills needed to enter the sector. Navantia has signed more than 30 agreements for university internships, dual training and on-the-job training, among others, and in the last five years, more than 1000 students have completed internships in Navantia.