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Navantia adapts its products and services to the requirements of each one of its clients, and works closely with them from the first stage of the development of the program. Once the development is completed, Navantia offers both: training to its clients for operating the contracted products and the corresponding life-cycle support service.

Arrival ofl F-101 to Garden Island

In the domestic market, Navantia is the strategic industrial base of the Spanish Navy, and therefore our company has a vocation for investing in technology and innovation and being the driver of naval activity in Spain.

Thanks to Navantia’s competitiveness and to its core values, the company has received orders from Navies of foreign countries (such as Australia, Norway, Malaysia, Chile, Venezuela, India, Thailand, Egypt, etc.).

Delivery of a patrol boat to Venezuela's Army

Three of the main export contracts signed by Navantia respectively refer to the design and construction of five F-310 Aegis frigates for Norway, to the design and construction of two LHD amphibian ships and to the design of three AWD destroyers for Australia.



Vice Almirant Gerson Padrón Testimonial


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